We pride ourselves in bringing the best lemons to market. In order to do this we place a lot of importance in every facet of our operations. The procedures below will help you better understand the importance of fruit handling in all aspects of our operations.


After receiving the fruit from the fields, Saticoy’s lemons are washed thoroughly in food grade soap and chlorinated water. A food grade wax is applied to the lemons to preserve the fruit, extend the quality of the fruit, and prevent fruit shrinkage. The fruit then passes through the Sunkist CAB units that sort the fruit by color, grade, and blemish to meet future market demand. The fruit is then sent to cold storage.


The separations by the Sunkist CAB unit determine how long the fruit remains in cold storage. While in storage the fruit is kept at 50-52 degrees F with 90-95% relative humidity. High volumes of air fill the room that the lemons are stored in to preserve the fruit. When the lemons have reached proper color to meet market demand they are removed from cold storage and sent to the pack department.


Once the fruit is market ready, it is removed from storage then washed and rinsed a second time. After this, the fruit is passed through the Sunkist CAB unit one last time to be separated into Sunkist grade and/or second or third grade fruit. Fruit is then sized by grade and placed in various shipping containers.


Once the fruit has been packed in the proper packaging it is sorted, palletized, and placed in a cooler at 40 degrees F. From there it is transported by truck, rail, or ocean going vessel to the various markets.